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The small restaurant guide for on the way

On the OpenStreetMap pages (following links) you can get detailed information by clicking on the map title. This information is in German. If your German abilities are not good enough, ask B&B Stigweid people for help.

Gasthaus Alp Scheidegg: "Auf dem Pico von Wald gelegen"

"Inn situated on the highest point of Wald"

"Auf dem Pico von Wald gelegen" at OpenStreetMap

Bergrestaurant Poo-Alp: "Der Gasthof mit dem eigenen Bauernhof"

"The mountain restaurant with its own farm"

"Der Gasthof mit dem eigenen Bauernhof" at OpenStreetMap

Restaurant Bannholz: "Panorama und frische Bergluft"

"Panorama and fresh mountain air"

"Panorama und frische Bergluft" at OpenStreetMap

Restaurant Farneralp: "Geniessen, Erleben, Entdecken"

"Enjoying, experiencing, discovering"

"Geniessen, Erleben, Entdecken" at OpenStreetMap

Restaurant Bachtel Kulm "Mit 75m hohem Aussichtsturm"

"With 75m high observation tower"

"Mit 75m hohem Aussichtsturm" at OpenStreetMap

Landgasthof Hasenstrick "Rustikale Atmosphäre und Fondue-Stübli"

"Rustic atmosphere and fondue room"

"Rustikale Atmosphäre und Fondue-Stübli" at OpenStreetMap

Gasthof Hiltisberg "Heimeliges Restaurant"

"Cozy restaurant"

"Heimeliges Restaurant" at OpenStreetMap

In Wald itself you can find more delicious restaurants which you can easily reach on foot. You can find more information directly at our B&B Stigweid.