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Hiking routes in the area

A few exquisite routes near the B&B Stigweid. Almost all of them are feasible by public transport and can be found at Zürioberland Tourism (english).

Although the Zürioberland Tourism website is available in English, the detailed information is in German (links below). If your German abilities are not good enough, ask B&B Stigweid people for help.

Wald – Bachtel – Wald: "Genussvoll wandern"

"Hiking with pleasure"

Time: 3:30h, Route length: 10.3km, Difficulty: medium
A circular walk starting from Wald station. The numerous factory buildings bear witness to the heyday of the textile industry at the turn of the century (19th–20th, of course).
"Genussvoll wandern" at Zürioberland Tourismus

Wald – Sagenraintobel – Farner: "die Wildromantische"

"The wild romantic one"

Time: 2:15h, Route length: 5.8km, Difficulty: medium
A gentle ascent takes you through the wild and romantic Sagenraintobel to Farneralp.
"die Wildromantische" at Zürioberland Tourismus

Wald – Sagenraintobel – Wald: "Berg und Tobel"

"Mountain and ravine"

Time: 4:00h, Route length: 11km, Difficulty: medium

Four-hour hike to the panoramic Alp Scheidegg and through cool canyons.

Details at Zürioberland Tourismus

Wolfsgrueb – Tössscheidi – Hüttchopf: "Am Fusse des Tössstocks"

"At the foot of the Tössstock"

Time: 2:45h, Route length: 7.4km, Difficulty: medium
The ambitious route winds its way through the enchanted ravine along the Vordertöss and past imposing cascades and steep molasse conglomerate walls.
"Am Fusse des Tössstocks" at Zürioberland Tourismus

Wernetshausen – Bachtel: "Abenteuerwanderung am Bachtel"

"Adventure hike at the Bachtel"

Time: 3:00h, Route length: 9.6km, Difficulty: medium
On the three-hour hike, cheese dairies, restaurants and the impressive "Bachtelspalt" (Bachtel crevice) await you.
"Abenteuerwanderung am Bachtel" at Zürioberland Tourismus

Gibswil – Bachtel – Steg: "Waldwanderung"

"Forest hike"

Time: 5:00h, Route length: 16.4km, Difficulty: medium
The hike leads mainly through forests. This makes it particularly attractive.
"Waldwanderung" at Zürioberland Tourismus

Girenbad – Täuferhöhle – Girenbad: "Vom Tobel in die Höhle"

"From the ravine into the cave"

Time: 2:00h, Route length: 5.6km, Difficulty: easy
A leisurely circular walk to the cool "Täuferhöhle" (anabaptist cave) – a mysterious place.
"Vom Tobel in die Höhle" at Zürioberland Tourismus

Goldingen – Farneralp – Goldingen: "Kulinarisches Goldingertal"

"Culinary Goldinger valley"

Time: 3:00h, Route length: 10.5km, Difficulty: medium
A hike through the enchanting Goldinger valley with numerous culinary highlights.
"Kulinarisches Goldingertal" at Zürioberland Tourismus

SPECIAL: Tösstaler 2-Tages Gipfeltour

"Tösstal 2-day summit tour"

Time: 8:30h, Route length: 25.7km, Difficulty: difficult
On the two-day tour between Atzmännig and Sternenberg, you can leave the big provisions at home: There are 16 mountain inns on this chain of hills. Pack your binoculars. Chamois, eagles and other wild animals are frequently spotted in this area.
Tösstaler 2-Tages Gipfeltour at Zürioberland Tourismus