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Cycling and Mountain biking in the vicinity

Although the Zürioberland Tourism website is available in English, the detailed information is in German (links below). If your German abilities are not good enough, ask B&B Stigweid people for help.

Wald – Bachtel – Bauma – Wald: "Panoramatour"

Time: 4:45h, Route length: 35.7km, Difficulty: medium
From Bachtel you can enjoy a magnificent view over the Zurich Oberland to the Alps.
"Panoramatour" at Zürioberland Tourismus

Wald – Bannholz – Atzmännig – Wald: "Goldingertal"

"Goldinger valley"

Time: 2:00h, Route length: 22.9km, Difficulty: easy
The bike tour through the picturesque Goldinger valley not only takes you past enchanting nature – in Atzmännig you can also stop for a sleigh ride!
"Goldingertal" at Zürioberland Tourismus

Wald – Schindelberg – Farner – Wald: "Die Wilde"

"The wild one"

Time: 6:15h, Route length: 42km, Difficulty: difficult
The challenging mountain bike tour from Wald leads over the Dägelsberg to Chrüzegg and back to Farneralp.
"Die Wilde" at Zürioberland Tourismus

Wald – Schnebelhorn – Wald: "Die Herausfordernde"

"The challenging one"

Time: 7h, Route length: 48.8km, Difficulty: difficult
A top route with challenging single trails. Not suitable for everyone, but those who ride it will remember it for a long time.
"Die Herausfordernde" at Zürioberland Tourismus

Steg – Stralegg – Steg: "Schnebelhorn III"

Time: 5:30h, Route length: 38.3km, Difficulty: difficult
Lovely hilly landscapes with lush meadows and well-tended forests characterize this tour to Schnebelhorn, the highest peak in the canton of Zurich.
"Schnebelhorn III" at Zürioberland Tourismus

You can find many more tours, some of them also in the nearer surroundings, at Zürioberland Tourism (english).

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